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The most common type of dandruff is Pityriasis Capitis Simplex. This is caused by excess oil from the sebaceous glands mixing with dead skins cells and product build up within the hair. The results of this is itching and flaking of the scalp.

Want a little heads up into what may be causing your unhappy scalp?

Stress, diet, dry skin, poor hygiene, product build up and sensitivity all play a role in your scalp environment.

7 Myths and Realities 

1. You should scratch away flakes before shampooing

This is definitely a no no ! This irritates the scalp and may even cause infection. By not allowing the scalp to heal the flakes may come back even bigger. This is definitely what you don’t want to happen so put down the comb for a while and give your scalp a break.

2. Listerine can help your dandruff

Yes you heard me right this is actually true. The ingredients such as menthol, eucalptol and methyl salicylate help dry up and control your dandruff. Try mixing water and Listerine in a spray bottle, spritz over your hair and allow to sit for a moment before rinsing. However this is not a long term solution.

3. Poor hygiene causes dandruff

This is actually sort of true. Those busy mornings and over sleeping, where the quick solution for fresh hair is just a little spray of dry shampoo may be catching up on you. Over use of dry shampoo and low quality hair products can upset your scalp, causing it to flake.

4. Weather affects dandruff

We look after our skin in cold weather so why don’t we look after our scalp during winter. Just a little extra attention to your hair during the winter could be all your scalp needs.

5. Diet and your scalp

This is also true. Having a balanced diet is important for maintaining a healthy scalp. Make sure you’re drinking plenty of water and eating foods rich in vitamin A, B and C. I know we all love and need our daily fix of coffee but cutting down on your coffee intake and salty fried foods might just help cure your dandruff.

6. Dandruff causes hair loss

Both hair conditions have the same triggers , such as stress and poor diet. So when your body is experiencing these, it may contribute to hair loss or dandruff. 

7. Some dandruff shampoos don’t always work and can dry out your hair even more

This is unfortunately true but here are some of the products we have found to work best.

Products we recommend to settle your dandruff 

Purifying Shampoo 

The purifying shampoo (€21.50) from the Davines Natural Tech range. This shampoo fights dandruff and creates a healthy scalp environment.

Bain Anti-Pelliculaire

This shampoo from the Kérastase Specific range targets both dry and oily dandruff. It removes visible dandruff for up to 8 weeks.

Products that prevent dandruff and help maintain a healthy scalp.

Detoxifying scrub shampoo

The detoxifying shampoo (€21.50) from the Davines Natural Tech range. This gently exfoliates the scalp encouraging cell turnover and stops product buildup.

Solu sea salt scrub 

For all of you city slickers and globe trotters we recommend the Davines Solu Sea Salt scrub cleanser (€28.00). This all natural scrub frees your hair and scalp from pollution and protects it against further damage.

It’s so important to look after your scalp health and if you're not sure what may be causing your dandruff talk to one of our stylists for a complimentary consultation. They will help you on your journey to a happy and healthy scalp. All products above are available in salon.

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