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December 11, 2018

Party Hair - the long and the short of it

Christmas shopping done? - CHECK

Tree up? - CHECK

Cards Posted? - CHECK

Outfit for the Christmas Party? - CHECK

But what will you do with your hair?

Short, medium and long-haired girls, prepare to be inspired. We’ve got some gorgeous ideas here to help you decide!


People mistakenly think that short hair always has to look the same way, and that it’s hard to make a cropped do look glamorous for a special occasion. They couldn’t be more wrong! We’ve a range of great short dos here to show you the range and adaptability of a great short haircut.

The Quiff

Anne Hathaway Met Ball, quiff haircut

We love it.

It’s edgy, timeless and androgynous - a look that a fashionista like Anne Hathaway at the Met Ball, can definitely pull off. You’ll need and because height and hold is KEY - a superstrong hairspray o keep it propped up and in place all night long

Short choppy textured haircut blonde

The Texture

Short, layer haircuts are all about texture……

Start by amping up the volume by drying upside down after liberally spraying roots with a good root lifter. To get the textured look, apply a texturising wax like massaged between the fingertips to soften, then tweaked through the hair ends to separate. To maintain the root volume, try Kevin Murphy dry shampoo and scrunch it up at the ends. Note that this look is our personal favourite for day-to-night transformations, when you are heading to a party after work, or don’t have time for a full blowdry. Trusty dry shampoo is a great little cheat for those occasions where you need instant lift and freshening up. Keep it in your handbag all season, so you can pull off a superman-like transformation in the ladies room in a matter of minutes - you can thank us later 😉

The Princess

Clips and hairbands were made for short-haired girls, and wearing one will make you feel like the Princess you are!

This look is created from a volumising blow-dry, with heat-set rollers, and a little backcombing, topped by a sparkly hairband. This is also a great look for a bride or a bridesmaid - and it will WOW them on New Year's Eve or at your work Christmas party. So effortless, elegant, and easily achieved!


The Screen goddess

Hollywood waves have to be the iconic party hairstyle. It’s flattering on everyone. It’s timeless. It’s been worn by everyone Marilyn to Madonna. You can pull this off with straight hair or wavy hair. And there’s even a version of this style for short, long, or medium length hair as shown here.

This is all about volume, and face-framing waves. We start with a volumising shampoo and weightless conditioner like . Then create big bouncy waves with a root lifting blowdry. The structured waves come from heated rollers, or can even be created with a good quality hair curling iron

Finish with a firm hold hairspray, and that’s it - you’ll be ready for your close-ups all night long.

The Chignon

Think you can only put your hair up if it's long and luscious?


What works about this up style is the soft tousled waves that are coming undone from the low set chignon on her neck. This is extremely glamorous, yet soft, textured and relaxed. Your stylist will use plenty of hair clips to make sure your chignon won't move all night long - and any escaping tendrils look sexy rather than messy!


The Starlet

If a classic, feminine style is what you’re looking for - then look no further.

This glossy, sleek long-hair look will definitely have you feeling like royalty. It’s sophisticated and elegant, and it’s all about the shine and condition of your hair. We use a super rich conditioner like to create gloss and sheen, and then our perennial favourite to create those rippling waves. To keep it sleek, make sure to use straightening and smoothing products that will help to smooth down the hair cuticle, control frizz and leave you with lustrous locks that are equally as sparkly as your personality. Finish with or for a glossy shine and soft movement


If you are a bit more adventurous, but still wanting to glam it up, this is a fab hairstyle for long hair. Think PINK, or Gwen Stefan for inspiration!

Be prepared for a good bit of backcombing (our favourite kind of workout!) to achieve this look, but it’s so worth it. Apply a light, flexible hairspray to add shine and hold for a “lived-in” look. leaves hair touchable and moveable while maintaining texture and separation.

You'll be ready to rock out all night long!

As you can see, length doesn’t matter - when it comes to hair, it’s all about what you do with it!

So Party On!

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