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July 1, 2018

Fabulous Festival Hair

It’s summertime and that means FESTIVAL SEASON!

With the great weather we’ve been having, there’s even more temptation to spend a weekend rocking out! Our festival style guide will get you through the wildest of weekends, looking great and with minimum damage to your crowning glory.


Book in for a trim, and talk to your stylist about the look you have in mind for the festival. Check our Instagram feed for inspiration if you aren’t sure which look to go for!

Remember that your hair needs protection from the sun and heat (just like the rest of you) - and seriously consider an at-home, pre-festival hair treatment from our Davines collection of fabulous, natural products.

Alternatively, we can apply a range of luxurious treatments in salon, or you can take one home with you and enjoy it during a luxurious bath. The critical thing is to lock in moisture for the days ahead!

Pack your usual hair shampoo and conditioner (if you think you’ll get a chance to use them), but be realistic. Dry shampoo makes a great alternative, with the side benefit of creating volume from even the limpest and grungiest of hair. We love KEVIN MURPHY DRY SHAMPOO, also available in salon. Spray liberally on roots, massage in with fingers, and style as you like!


This is not the time to be conservative!

Experiment with one of the funky styles you’ve been seeing on Instagram, but that you might feel like you can’t get away with at home!

Here’s what’s on-trend this year:

All that Glitters
Shine bright like a diamond with glitter gels to hold hair in place, or sparkling serums for shine. To refresh your hairstyle, we love Kevin Murphy’s SHIMMER ME BLONDE for blondes.

Colour without commitment
You can give your hair a temporary colour pop with paint sprays! L’Oréal Colourista spray is easy to use, and washes out easily - especially great for blondes. Brunettes may need something with more punch, and could consider a temporary colour or toner over their usual shade. Ask your stylist for her recommendation.

Tie it up in Knots!
We mean braids, or course! If your hair has some length, you could start with a scattering of skinny braids atop beachy waves. This hippy chic look keeps the hair off your face, and adds interest to your wavy tresses. Plus, when you take the braids out, your hair will be striped with crimped gorgeousness! Run your fingers through it, and apply BEDROOM HAIR, from Kevin Murphy which delivers root lift, and great texture to your sexy waves. Braids may also be your only option as the days go on. When the dry-shampoo doesn’t cut it anymore, a close-to-the-head french braid will still have you looking crisp and fresh. Finish with a spritz of L’Oréal Wet Domination to prevent flyaways.

From basic clips, to hairbands, to bandannas or even head scarves - you are spoilt for choice right now with the hair accessories in the market. You definitely need a cover up solution of some sort in your bag, without reverting to the dreaded baseball cap.

If you go with a scarf, we suggest you practice tying it before you go so you don’t end up looking like someone’s Nana who wandered into Electric Picnic by accident!

Or pack a handful of our Emi Jay hair ties which can be used for sleek ponytails or loose messy buns, without breaking your hair.

Make it SIT
Whatever your style choice, you need to lock it in with rock-solid, going-nowhere hairspray to beat the frizz and weather, and to withstand whatever dance-shenanigans you may get up to! Consider Kevin Murphy’s Session Spray - which even comes in a handy travel size bottle for only €7!

Water, water, everywhere
Even if you cannot bathe in it for a couple of days (god bless wet-wipes!) we definitely urge you to drink it! Hydration is critical for overall health, offsetting the impact of alcohol and stodgy food, and keeping your skin and your luscious locks moisturised from within. Shoot for a minimum of 4 litres a day.

You’ll thank us later.

Back Home
We’d recommend a deep cleaning shampoo to begin with, especially if you’ve used temporary colour and liberal amounts of dry shampoo. Follow this by a repair treatment that penetrates the hair to deep clean, detox, recharge and restore your hair. Our stylist favourite is Kérastase Bain Elixir Ultime range - which is simply miraculous. Consider a trim, and a colour refresh within a couple of weeks of your festival experience.

Finally, and most importantly - Enjoy every minute!
Can we come in your backpack with you next time?

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